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Software solutions that fit your business, 

because they were designed for your business


Your business is unique and your software solutions should be too. Customized solutions offers better support of your business because they are developed for your business. We integrate your business processes, your culture, and your preferences into the solutions we build for you.  Software should enhance your processes, support your team, and wow your customers. 

Process Automation

Reduce risk, increase profitability, and save money with business applications that work together seamlessly. Incorporate business logic to keep your business running smoothly, without human interference. Manage Emails, Projects, Customer Relations, and much more with custom business solutions that integrate all of your business applications into one system.


Defy impossible, with solutions that are anything but ordinary. With traditional software you are limited by the features already created. At CM2 we focus on understanding your needs and designing software that is different. We think outside of the box and work directly with you to find solutions that fit with your business, your customers, and your employees.


Business Applications

innovative business software gives you an edge over the competition

Your business deserves software that works. 

Business applications allow your business to grow with reliable software built specifically for your business. Integrate powerful tools that can create schedules, track inventory, monitor customer satisfaction, and build usable reports. All of this, and so much more is possible with software that puts your business first.

Find the advantage over your competition with business applications that reduce errors, make your team more productive, and provide endless usable data. 

Discover a New Application

Application Integration

Keep your business running smooth with data integration among your business applications. Discover a Customer Relation Manger that talks to your sales performance software, which communicates a sale to your inventory management software. Simultaneously. 

Application Integration is the coexistence of two separate processes that are linked together to perform better. Each application feeds information from one platform to the next, creating a dynamic link where information is shared. 

Application Integration

Integration of business applications creates easy workflows that are automated and error free
Integrate Your Applications Today

Applications that lack integration are more prone to errors, as data is manually moved from one application to the next. Data entry by humans as they translate information from one system to the next can lead to typos and missed information. 

Additionally, data entry takes time and can lead to costly delays. Application integration solves this problem, by allowing the different business applications to talk to each other and share data. All of your applications run at peak performance using the same information, making your business even more successful.

The Power of Information

Data is now and will continue to be an incredible asset for businesses as they grow and evolve with the ever changing demands of consumers. Companies must understand current trends, future trends, and how consumers are interacting with their business and their competitors.


CM2 Software can help you sort through this data, find the information that is relevant to your business, and display it in a way that is easy to understand. We work alongside you to customize solutions that work for your business, your customers, and your goals.  

Gather Your Data
Data is meaningless until it is quantified and incorporated with business logic that makes sense for your business.

Small and Medium sized businesses are the backbone of the American economy. As a small business, CM2 understands the struggles that many entrepreneurs face as they juggle all of the responsibilities of running a business. 

We want to make your life easier by simplifying your daily tasks through solutions that make sense for your business. We fully customize your solutions and provide added support to help you and your team adjust to new technology. If something is not right, or not what you need, we will work to correct it. We don't offer cookie-cutter solutions,  instead we look at the goals of your organization, your current IT infrastructure, your team's needs, and provide solutions that fit. 

Small business software is important for growth
Small and medium size businesses support the American economy and software solutions support their growth
Zoho - low code platform takes your software from ordinary to extraordinary

We partner with the low-code platform Zoho, to give you access to over 45 applications that can take your business to the next level. Let us help you to remove painful processes and integrate your business applications with the dynamic aps provided by Zoho. 

We provide solutions that can streamline your business and create consistent communication between departments. CM2 will show you how to scale up your Zoho applications to automate your business processes, reduce costs, and grow profits. 

Using a low-code platform allows us to focus solely on your customizations, without having to build all of the back-end infrastructure that applications require. Your business remains the sole focus of our developers throughout the entire process. 

See How We Incorporate Zoho
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