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Software Support

CM2 Software prides itself on providing software support services on all platforms including: mainframe z/OS, Unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Our experts  and can provide expertise to better integrate applications into your infrastructure. 

We work with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and several of the top 10 banks and insurance companies around the world. We support third party software, customizing it to fit the needs of the organizations we serve. 

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Application Specialists

CM2 Software offers Application Administration for popular Mainframe and Distributive applications, giving you the right expertise for necessary business applications. Our Administrators have extensive experience in the products you use and are able to provide 24/7 support to your organization and keep your application running.

Our team of experts will ensure your system is running smoothly and respond to any issues with urgency. Using people with product and process knowledge ensures you are getting the most value for your investment. We reduce the risk of unknowledgeable staff making changes to your system which can leave you vulnerable to audit and security risks.

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Application specialist that will protect your software investment

Change Management

Keep track of your changes and develop a Change Management plan that works for you

Change is a necessary part of business, and one that cannot be overlooked. Change does not happen on its own, and it does not happen without a plan. CM2 Software offers the necessary structure to identify needed changes, identify risks and opportunities, and create a clear, simple path to implementation. 

Regulating the changes in your organization with a Change Management program puts you in control, without restricting your team's progress. CM2 looks at the entirety of your organization, while specializing in IT change management. We work to eliminate business disruptions and ensure that your IT department and code development is implemented properly and without failure. Standardized change protocols allow everyone to remain on the same page as all aspects of change are evaluated and implemented.

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IT Staffing Support

We offer IT staffing services to expand the knowledge and expertise of your IT team. We work with companies of all sizes and needs to place the right individual with the right skills into the right position. CM2 provides itself on hiring professionals that have the highest level of experience and expertise in a wide range of IT services and applications. We work directly with the applicant and the client to ensure that all requirements are met including background checks and security clearance. 

Finding IT professionals that serve all roles in an organization is no easy feat. That is why CM2 offers staffing services that allows us to connect professionals with organizations  that need their expertise. We look to benefit both the IT professional and the client to ensure that expertise and experience match requirements. 

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