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Keep your code secure with ChangeMan ZMF

​ChangeMan ZMF

ChangeMan ZMF is a Micro Focus software that manages code on the mainframe to keep your company in compliance and reduce risk. It utilizes strict accountability and quality assurances to ensure that only the best code makes it to production. This software


CM2 Software offers full service support for Micro Focus ChangeMan ZMF. We perform full system installs, upgrades, and regular maintenance on this product. Our team works alongside your developers to ensure that ChangeMan ZMF is fully incorporated into your infrastructure. Code customizations along with Panel, Skeleton, and Assembler Exits are all adapted to your unique z/OS environment. 

​ChangeMan SSM

Micro Focus'ChangeMan SSM offers superior system governance that allows you to have a full view of your infrastructure and any changes to the code. ChangeMan SSM will detect, track, and restore changes to your system on demand and document this for audit purposes. It provides details about all software infrastructure changes; you will know what changes were made, when they were made, and who made the changes. 

The experts at CM2 Software support the incorporation of ChangeMan SSM on your mainframe. We provide the support needed for installing, upgrading, and maintaining the program in your infrastructure. We are able to update the system with your company's customizations for a smooth transition to ChangeMan SSM.

Govern your system code using ChangeMan SSM
Distributed code security is offered by Micro Focus Dimensions CM

​Dimensions CM

Control code changes and deliver a significantly improved Agile development lifecycle with Dimensions CM. This Micro Focus program speeds up the development process while supporting developer collaboration across diverse teams. Code quality and security is increased with the implementation of Dimensions. This software inspects the health of code development throughout the lifecycle and integrates access controls, detailed auditing and logging, and integrated peer review. 

CM2 Software believes that change management processes should be consistently used throughout all code development. We support Micro Focus Dimensions by incorporating this necessary software into your existing IT framework and maintaining the back-end code to keep your business in compliance with regulations and security.

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