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​Application Administrator

Application Administrator 

You don't expect your team to be experts in every product and neither do we. That's why CM2 Software offers Application Administration for popular Mainframe and Distributive applications. 

Our team of experts will ensure your system is running smoothly and respond to any issues immediately. Using people with product and process knowledge ensures you are getting the most value for your investment. We reduce the risk of unknowledgeable staff making changes to your system which can leave you vulnerable to audit and security risks.

We offer support in:

stay on top of your software with dedicated application administrators

CM2 Deployment Assurance

Defend your code deployment with Deployment Assurance.

We are your first defense. We are your back-up team. We are your solution.

Deployment Assurance gives you the peace of mind of having a team o experts on your side. 

A dedicated CM2  Team Member will provide eight hours of application support each month. Email and phone support will be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for up to three team members. Application Experts will be able to answer any questions and provide assistance with code deployment.


Applications available for Deployment Assurance

  • Micro Focus ChangeMan ZMF
  • Micro Focus ChangeMan SSM 
  •  Broadcom Endeavor
  •  Compuware ISPW
    For more information check out the Fact Sheet

    Staff Augmentation

    Does your team need  a little bit more help? The team at CM2 Software is ready and able to lend a hand keeping your important system applications running. We can work full or part time within your infrastructure giving you as much support as needed to keep your system going

    Buffer your staff with qualified individuals.

    The Products We Support

    Micro Focus
    • ChangeMan ZMF®
    • ChangeMan SSM®
    • Dimensions®
    • Endeavor®

              (a BMC Company)          

    • ISPW®
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