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Don't let your company fall behind of the newest innovation in agile software development.

Create a team that is dynamic, passionate, and innovative to keep up with the changing demands of Information Technology. 

Use the tools of DevOps to bridge the gap of where your inrastructure currently is with where it is going in the future

Successful DevOps looks at the current state of the IT infrastructure, combines it with the future goals of the organization, and continuously builds the bridge to get there. 

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the combination of Software Development and Software Operations to create an agile approach to analyzing, designing, building, and deploying new software. 

With innovation being at the forefront of the economy, it is essential for businesses to keep up. DevOps makes this possible by combining the Software Development and Software Operation functions to allow for planning, development, and testing to occur simultaneously. 

Done right DevOps eliminates gaps and blind spots between the development and the execution of software. Errors are minimized, productivity is maximized, and data flow is integrated throughout the organization. 

Learn how real time monitoring, collaboration, and key metric indicators can take your business to the next level. 

DevOps software development lifecycle

 Full Service DevOps Integration

Completing the cycle of Analyze, Design, Implement, Repeat is easier said than done. 

CM2 Software offers full service DevOps integration that allows us to work alongside your DevOps team to keep innovations coming through the pipeline. We have a proven strategy that follows the best practices of ITIL, CMMI, and COBIT. 

Full integration of the software development teams allows for more successful projects
Software development and operations teams join forces to create software iterations that benefit the business

How it Works

  • CM2 Software completes a full analysis of your existing IT infrastructure
  • Deficiencies are identified and analyzed
  • CM2 Software works with your DevOps team to design, develop, and implement the optimal solution
  • We offer admin training and support 
Analyze Design Implement Repeat
the internet and virtual machines make it even easier to integrate DevOps strategies among your team

Integration of DevOps

Integrating a successful DevOps culture is not black and white. There are many moving parts to the development of a successful Software Development team. 

CM2 Software helps your management team to identify manual activities that can be automated to streamline the development cycle.  

How it Works:

  • CM2 Software partners with IT Management to identify weak links in your DevOps practices
  • We collaborate with your team to integrate a complete DevOps culture that allows development and operations to work simultaneously
  • We monitor the Change Management process to ensure project objectives are not being held up
Teams can work remotely from anywhere and be just as productive as working in the same office.
Use the Software Development lifecycle to keep iterations of software flowing through the pipeline

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