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The Cloud

The way of the future. 

Server racking system often used for cloud storage

In the past, The Cloud was mainly used for storing information, however, companies are able to host applications and databases on this platform. One server may be used for multiple programs, multiple companies, and multiple functionalities. Typically, the servers are backed up with multiple other servers to prevent data loss or access issues caused when a server unexpectedly goes down. There are four key options available for using a Cloud service. Software-as-a-Service which occurs when applications are hosted on The Cloud and accessed remotely. Platform-as-a-Service occurs when a hosting company provides the tools for another company to build their own platform. Infrastructure-as-a-Service companies are able to rent server space and build their own infrastructure. Lastly, Function-as-a-Service occurs when a company only pays for the bit of the server they are currently using or each accessed application. 

What is The Cloud?

The Cloud is continuing to grow in popularity among businesses as access to these computing services become more available and cost effective. Companies are choosing to host their data and computing processes on the cloud to eliminate the need for in-house servers and the maintenance required to keep these servers running. With this information being held on remote servers, users are able to access it through virtual machines that are connected by the internet. The virtual machine is able to communicate directly with the server to access and update data. This allows for multiple people on multiple devices to access the same information from the server.

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Mainframe and The Cloud

Migrating the Mainframe to The Cloud is a growing trend among businesses who currently use Mainframe services. The cost-reduction of not housing a Mainframe on premises is a large reason for many companies to make this migration. Using a cloud service to house your mainframe applications removes the cost of maintaining the machine with regular hardware maintenance and necessary upgrades, as this will all be provided by the cloud service. 

Cloud migration of mainframe applications can also help to eliminate the knowledge gap between traditional programmers and those who have never seen a "green screen." The processes of the mainframe remain intact, but the interface to interact with them is modernized.

Migration to The Cloud has become easier with advances in technology. There are plenty of tools that can help to move millions of lines of code to the cloud with little difficulty. In many cases, companies have chosen to use a hybrid solution by only migrating specific lines of code to the cloud. 

Integrate mainframe systems with cloud platform
Support the transition from legacy technology to the cloud of the future

Supporting Mainframe on The Cloud

CM2 Software is a full service mainframe organization. We offer support to companies as they work to transition their most important processes off of the mainframe and onto The Cloud. 

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