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​Change Solution

Evaluating the many options available is a daunting task.

CM2 offers business support to assist in the evaluation, determination, and implementation of a specific change.

There will be occasions where you will only need one software solution to supplement your current IT infrastructure. However, there are thousands of options available in the market place that could solve the challenges that your team face. Determining the right solution for you is part of the CM2 system. We will analyze your current infrastructure and identify opportunities that need to be remedied. After a thorough evaluation we will evaluate the solutions available and determine the best option for your organization.

If needed, CM2 can also assist with the implementation of the new solution and the training of your team to ensure that the solution fits in with your entire infrastructure. Additionally, we will perform follow up analysis to ensure that the selected solution continues to be an asset to your team and your IT environment.

CM2 believes in the adaptive life cycle of software development and DevOps, for developing software while continuing daily operations. The elimination of business disruption is always at the forefront of our minds at CM2 Software and we work diligently to ensure that your solution solves your challenges without disrupting your business. 

Analyze - Design - Build - Implement - Repeat is not just a development tool, it is a way of life at CM2 Software. We believe in thoroughly vetting any new software solution to ensure it is the right solution. We are continuously evaluating the benefits of the solution and it's effect on your IT environment. 

4 Step Process

Analyze your current IT infrastructure to identify risks, challenges, and deficiencies


CM2 Software will take an analytical approach to your IT infrastructure to identify your current status and future goals. We work together with your Software Development team to receive an in-depth view of your system, the problem being solved, and available solutions.  

Design a software solution with the new end game in sight


With your goals in mind, CM2 Software will build out the right solution to meet the needs identified in the Analyze process. We will customize the delivered product to suit the needs of your company and ensure that it is working as expected.


After thorough testing the approved change will be implemented in your system. Further testing will be completed to ensure that the desired aspects of the new program are working correctly. We will offer assistance and support to your teams to make the delivery seamless. 

Implement the approved software change into the current system


Implementation is not the last step in the Software Development Life Cycle. We will follow up any implementation with additional analysis to ensure that the application is working as expected and all bugs have been corrected. 

Repeat the development lifecycle, analyze the change and initiate new iterations

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