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Change Management is an integral part of Software development and integration.

Maintain control of your company's vision, mission, and values while allowing your team the flexibility to innovate, explore, and create advanced technology. 

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Incorporating Change Management requires a shift in company culture that values the input of all team members while maintaining one vision. 


Change Management can allow your organization to realize and achieve company goals by ensuring that all approved changes fit into the future vision of the total company. 


Having a clearly outlined process for submitting, reviewing, and approving changes allows for consistency throughout your organization.    


Change Management allows for all members of your team to work towards the same goal. Incorporate ideas, improvements and innovations while maintaining the same mission. 


CM2 Software implements baselines for the decision making process that follows your company's individual vision, values, and mission. We follow the best practices set out by ITIL, CMMI, and COBIT to ensure that your Change Management Program is easy to adopt, manage, and execute.

Manage requests for change with a streamlined Change Management program that puts your goals first and inspires creativity

                     Change Request

CM2 Software provides one straightforward method of submitting change requests. This single method will apply to all types of change requests from the need for login credentials to the creation of new technology.

Proved assessment tools ensure that nothing is over looked and all alternatives are identified


A singular Change Review Board will be put in place to oversee and evaluate the merit of each change request. Set guidelines will be the foundation of this program to allow decisions to be made in precedent and with consistent standards. 

A strict approval process ensures that only the best developments are integrated into the system.

                     Change Approval

Change Requests can fall into one of three categories: 1) Approved, 2) Denied, 3) Deferred. Each determination will have its own guidelines for future implementation, new contingencies, and future plans. 



CM2 Software tailors each Change Control program to an individual company. We don't believe in one size fits all but that the right solution must meet each company's specific needs. 

How it works:

  • CM2 completes a full evaluation of the current Change Process
  • Deficiencies are identified and compared to industry standards
  • Change Control documentation is created and tailored to your specific company
  • Change Control program is implemented with the help of CM2
  • CM2 evaluates the effectiveness of the Change Control system
Implement those approved changes to complete the development lifecycle
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