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When Software is Mission Critical

Who We Are

Solution Support

Solutions run through the veins of each of the team members of CM2 Software as we each work diligently to identify, analyze, develop, and implement software solutions that make our customer’s lives better. Solving problems with application installs, upgrades, and development that suit the needs of our customers and supports their IT goals.  


Currently, many of the customers we support are government agencies, fortune 500 companies and several of the top 10 banks and insurance companies around the world.   


We have expertise in IBM mainframe, UNIX, LINUX, and Windows applications, with our largest niche market being in DEVOPS and business Change Process Management. We also service the IT community by offering aggregation services to companies that are looking for a less expensive and a more flexible method of managing their staffing requirements. 

Where We Started

Big Ideas

CM2 Software was born out of the 2008 Market Crash when founder Tom Mavor, recognized the power small businesses hold in the marketplace. Tom has worked as a software consultant for many large corporations since 1993 where he has seen first-hand the limitations placed on large businesses. CM2 Software works to cut through red tape while providing unmatched customer service.


As a small company serving these large enterprises, CM2 Software has grown into a seven figure service provider who specializes in solving the challenges of customers quickly and efficiently. CM2 Software aims to bridge the gap between small business and enterprise operations by fulfilling the needs of both. 

Where We are Headed

Possibilities become Reality

CM2 is continuing on our journey of turning possibilities into reality. IT environments evolve quickly and constantly and CM2 believes that it is our responsibility to stay on top of these developments and to find new and innovative ways of integrating these solutions into our customer’s operations.  We work diligently alongside our customers as we find software solutions that break through barriers and push knowledge and business forward. 

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