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The Human Interface

The computer you are used to seeing. 

Integrating code management with today's technology

Human Interface

Find out how a modern computer interprets your data and the backend infrastructure that makes it work.

Human interface of distributed systems

The vast majority of computer users have never and will never read a line of code in their lifetime. However, computers do not operate without this necessary code. In recent years, computers have been integrated with dynamic code that allows for an easy-to-use human interface. The point and click of a mouse on a icon is the basis of human interaction with the modern computer. The majority of us use and interact with our PCs, mobile phones, and tablets using this function without understanding how it works.

Understanding the sophisticated code that lies beneath each mouse click is the job of a system programmer, who works to keep this interface easy-to-use. Despite all of these visual enhancements to computer use, programming code still remains as the underlying guide for the computer system. All computers whether it is operating Microsoft Windows or Apple's macOS use some form of Command List to enable the human interface that makes it so easy to use. System Programmers work diligently to keep this code running smoothly and interfacing with new applications and programs. 

the modern computer using oldschool code mangement

Distributed Systems

Connecting systems and Distributing data faster than ever. 

all devices rely on basic code structure

Messages are passed from one computer to another at lightning speed through the gateways created in Distributed Systems. These computers have the ability to work independently as they share data and information from one computer to the next. This web of inter-connectivity allows multiple users to access the same data, make updates, create records, and interact with each other as they work towards a goal. 

Distributed Systems require the same attention to detail and code management as any other computer system. Code Management is a necessary part of maintaining these systems as small changes can have big impacts. Code Management creates a framework for identifying necessary changes, viable solutions, and implementation with back-out options. 

Supporting distributed systems with knowledgeable system programmers

How We Support Distributed Systems

Programming is what we do at CM2 Software. Our experts are well versed in the programming languages that support modern PCs and Distributed applications. We offer support to build new programs, applications, and integrate them with your current IT infrastructure. 

CM2 Software implements Code Management as we work through your system. We recommend and utilize these processes to maintain the integrity of your applications and system integration.  

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