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When Software is Mission Critical

When ​Change is Mission Critical

Change is inevitable, costly, and time consuming. 

Keep money in your pocket with cost saving strategies proven to work.

          Cost Saving

Our philosophy is simple, put the right person on the right project at the right time. 

We keep costs down by hand selecting the individuals to work on your project ensuring that they are the best fit. Our teams are backed up by industry experts with over 30 years of experience in IT and software development.

Our smaller teams of highly qualified experts are more efficient and cost effective than large teams with multiple roles.

Project Managers keep projects on task and avoid slippage of scope.

    Project Management

Projects can easily get off track and miss important deadlines. At CM2 Software we use dedicated project managers to work diligently with you to ensure that the project remains on schedule and that your objectives are achieved.

CM2 has worked on a wide range of projects from small LLCs to Fortune 500 companies. Our portfolio of industries includes National Banks, Global Insurance Companies, Health Care Providers, Federal and State Governments, and everything in between. 

Keeping your business running at pique performance is our top priority.

     Business Disruption

Your business cannot stop running, and we will not let it. Software changes need to happen, but that should not interfere with your business practices or your customer's experience. 

CM2 follows a proven software development methodology that ensures minimal outages and project related disruptions. Testing and verification methodologies are not just theory, they are part of our DNA.

No interruption for customers, no interruption of production, and no interruption of cash flow.

CM2 Change Management Solutions

Change doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't happen without a plan. 

CM2 Software offers three Change Management Solutions that can be customized to your organizations specific needs.

Integrate your team to work towards a single goal.

System Integration

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Solutions are every where, use Change Management tools to find the strategy that works for you

Change Solution

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DevOps brings the team together to develop software in a cohesive unit.


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Our Goals

CM2 has three goals for all of our Change Management Solutions

Keep your business going with the right information to keep your team heading towards the same goal

Keep Costs Low

CM2 Software puts a great emphasis on providing quality solutions that focus on preserving the bottom line. Change Management Solutions create a set procedure for executing change in any aspect of the business unit. Formalizing this process keeps costs low by streamlining the Change Control process, brining product to market faster, reducing redundancies, and improving productivity. Changes are analyzed for all contingencies before execution begins, stopping unnecessary work and allowing the entire team to keep driving towards on one goal. 

Collaborate on important projects to keep your business running smoothly and goals within reach

Maintain Business as Usual

Interruptions to daily business operations are expensive; both financially, and reputationally. Cash flow and customer experience can be greatly effected by disruptions to business operations. CM2 Software takes these disruptions seriously and works diligently to implement affective Change Management Solutions that focus on minimizing these disruptions. Your system changes should flow through the Change Management process smoothly and integrate into your daily operations without incident. 

Work together towards one common goal. Integrating Change Management with your current infrastructure.

Smooth Integration

Change Management Solutions are not one size fits all, and CM2 Software works to ensure that the solution you choose is right for your company. We focus on integrating a Change Management Solution that will fit seamlessly into your current infrastructure while offering structure and support to your team. Establishing a solid plan for analysis, design, and implementation is at the heart of all CM2 Software's Change Management Solutions. We fully support any integration into your IT infrastructure with established project managers who work tirelessly to make the integration seamless. 

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