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CM2 and ​Zoho

Take your business to the next level with the powerful integration abilities of Zoho

Learn About Zoho

Zoho is a low-code platform that businesses of all sizes can utilize to seamlessly integrate business processes and create one easy data access point for all team members. Low-code is a growing trend in application development that allows for faster deployment.

Low-code platforms provide all of the behind the scenes infrastructure that applications use to run the business software. In traditional software development the developer will spend 6 - 12 months designing, creating, and testing the back end infrastructure before the individual business customizations are even considered. Not only is this time consuming it can also be costly, averaging $10,000 to $40,000 or more based on the business needs.

Using low-code makes the design, implementation, and use of the business application faster and more cost effective. 

The CM2 Difference

Listening to the needs of our customers is always the first step in the software development life-cycle at CM2 Software. We focus on understanding your business and the challenges you face to create an application that will truly make a difference. Improving your business processes, growing your revenue, and improving your customer experience is our goal. 

CM2 uses an iterative development cycle for all application builds and upgrades. This allows us to deploy a completed application to the customer and begin focusing on solving the next business challenge. We do not believe that the job is done when the application is handed over to the customer, we believe in continuous improvement and identifying new and valuable ways of utilizing the application.

CM2 works directly with the customer from beginning to end. 





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