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When Change is Mission Critical

Started with 
 BIG ideas

CM2 Software was started in 2009 by Tom Mavor who had worked as a consultant since 1993. The company is founded in Florida is an active member of the expanding technical business.   The company has since grown to be a seven figure service provider the specializes in helping customers solve their problems quickly and efficiently.  

Many of the customers we support are government agencies, fortune 500 companies and sever of the top 10 banks and insurance companies in the world.   

We have expertise in the IBM mainframe, UNIX, LINUX, Windows applications.  Our largest niche market is in the in the DEVOPOPS and business process management space. 

We provide staff aggregation services since 2017  to companies that are looking for a less expensive and flexible way of managing their staffing requirements.  We work with individuals and businesses to find the right balance for both.  Benefits are available for individuals that need them. 

Our Mission 

We believe in providing high quality project outsourcing that puts the end user first through our dynamic team of system analysts, project managers, and subject matter experts

Our Vision

CM2 Software strives to be the North American leader in project outsourcing in the field of software configuration and change management. 

Our Values

CM2 Software believes in providing superior service based on open honest pricing, employee integrity, and flexibility in responding to the needs of our customers. 

Tom Mavor

Tom is founder of CM2 Software and provides much of the technical expertise and leadership for the company.   A technical project manager who has managed multiple million dollar projects in the US, Canada, Latin America,  Europe and Asia.

DEVOPS  Solutions with leading experts in all aspects of DEVOPS and the tools the support the processes people need.   Many of the tools have a history of development and management by other companies like Borland, Serena, Merant, and HP Enterprise. We provide the majority of consultants to Micro Focus PLC -- a leading tool provider in this space. Chances are if you own one of these tools, our people have helped you somewhere along the line 

Our IT Staffing Solutions -- allows us to work with customers that don't want for what ever reason to commit long term to employees.  We help find the right resources, place them and provide the employees with the benefits of working for a company.

IT Solutions for Small business is under development as a business focus.  We find that this market is under served by good meaning technical people with out the skills to listen to the customer.  We are focusing on solutions that can be delivered in under six weeks at a cost small businesses can afford. 

IT Solutions for Enterprise Customers are one of the things we have gotten good at.  We can take an existing legacy system and analyze it in a couple of weeks and come back with a solution to extend the life or transition it to a better platform. 

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